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Freight Services Policy

  ENDY Australia works closely with several local couriers to offer seamless, cost-effective, reliable distribution Australia-wide. The courier we use is dependent on your location. If you have a preference we will try to accommodate it, however ENDY Australia reserves the right to use the carrier of their choice. ENDY Australia understands that costs and time are critical for business success which is why we are committed to providing the fastest and most cost effective distribution service for your business needs. Dispatch Location: Brisbane, Queensland. 

Cut-Off Times
  The cut-off time for orders to be dispatched on the day is 1:10pm (Brisbane Time) each business day. This allow time for warehouse to package orders and book pickup before ALL courier services cut-off times. Customer's orders or Purchase Order placed after this time will be dispatched on the following business day.

 Self Pick-ups
  Self Pick-ups are only valid on office opening times. Please contact our office on 1300 725 232 to inform us that someone will be picking up orders. Once customer arrive to pickup order must sign-off on log book at the front desk. ENDY staff member will assist you in where the log book is placed.

Please note:
ENDY Invoices will not be included in any delieveries or pickups. ALL Invoices will only be electronically email to assign contact person of the company.


 For more details about our freight services policies, please see section 'Delieveries' in our Terms and Conditions of Sales. 



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